Nordic Pavilion - Light Houses: On the Nordic Common Ground

The Nordic Pavilion
celebrating the use of light in Nordic Architecture

The Nordic Pavilion, arguably one of the most poetic Pavilions in the Giardini, houses the combined exhibitions of Sweden, Finland and Norway. The curatorial direction for each Biennale is shared amongst the countries through a rotation system, this year by Finland.

This year’s Nordic exhibition, celebrates the anniversary of its Pavilion Designed by Sverre Fehn in 1962. The exhibition brings to focus the common ground of the continued use and concept of “light” in Nordic architecture. The curators have invited 32 architects, all born since the Pavilion’s completion, to present their work which communicate their interpretation and use light in their contemporary architectural practice.

Provided with a brief and pedestal to work with, the exhibition reveals a myriad of interpretations on light and architecture. Some are poetic, some symbolic, and some present more traditional architectural proposals.

Interior - Exhibition
models of light exhibited within the space
tree trunks punctuate the Pavilion in the Giardini

Architectural expression, detailing and construction
Concrete blades filter and diffuse light


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